The area of enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been stubbornly resistant to change.

Those organisations that have successfully implemented monolithic ERP systems in the past are so loath to tamper with them that the spectre of modernisation, much less transformation, seems chilling indeed.

And yet, ERP has not been unaffected by the macro trends of cloud and edge computing, IoT, and everything as a service. Hence Gartner’s concept of ‘Post Modern ERP’ resonates for many who may not have had the experience of a monolith at the centre of their enterprise estate.

Paul Hearns, editor of TechPro Magazine, in association with Dell Boomi, invites you to join your peers for a roundtable discussion on the approaches organisations are taking to ERP modernisation, as they seek to develop the platform for a digital business, while tackling technical debt and reducing IT costs to invest in value-add, innovation projects.

The need for ERP has never been greater, as many organisations now ask if their ERP is a sound foundation on which to place their digital transformation ambitions. But with the memories of so many ERP project failures in the past, the question remains how to get the buy-in for tackling what can be the most jealously guarded system in the organisation.

Hear from your fellow IT professionals with the topics to be discussed including

— To what extent ERP modernisation is the platform for an integrated, digital business

— The biggest challenges to ERP modernisation, and how to tackle them

— How ERP modernisation can improve IT and business alignment

— How much customisation is right in an ERP modernisation?

— Reducing costs and tackling technical debt to free up resources to focus on value-add, innovation IT – is this the real boon of fixing your ERP?

— Getting line of business and executive support for ERP modernisation projects

— ERP integration and whether the concept of ‘Post Modern ERP’ rings true for your business technology strategy

Join us for this lunchtime event in the Jonathan Swift Room at The Ivy

The setting is the comfortable surrounds of The Ivy’s Jonathan Swift private dining room. Drawing on market insights and experience, you will get the chance to hear from and share with your peers the biggest challenges to ERP modernisation initiatives, and importantly how to tackle them by securing executive support for such projects, and how to engage with business colleagues to ensure success.